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Antique Lock and Key

The shadow given off by the key makes a beautiful picture. An antique lock that is no longer in use but still has a key can be restored in a frame for a lovely decoration in a home filled with … Continue reading

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A Rusty Lock

This rusty, antique lock has character. Cleaned up and restored, it would make an excellent decoration on a door that didn’t need to be secure. Designers were very creative in days long ago in making beautiful embellishments for a plain … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Keeping Your Valuables Stored in Vaults

A home vault is one of the safest ways to store your valuables. A professionally installed vault provides security, convenience, and peace of mind. The belongings that are most valuable to you should bring you joy. Jewelry, family heirlooms, and … Continue reading

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An Antique Safe

A beautiful photo of an antique safe probably designed for making deposits. Engineered by an artisan craftsman to withstand the test of time, it’s an early version of what banks would come to use for the convenience of their customers. … Continue reading

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The Future of Locksmithing

As a former institutional locksmith, private locksmith and now a Schlage commercial rep, I see great value in this study or should I say open forum.  Please consider my viewpoint while compiling…read more

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The Top Five Hiding Places for Home Safes

Burglars are getting smarter, so homeowners need to think one step ahead. Purchasing a safe to store your valuables is a good idea, but you should consider where it will be kept to get the full benefits. Most people know … Continue reading

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Single-Door Access Control Solutions

As hospital and healthcare organizations expand and facilities enhance their level of care, there is a growing concern for increased security threats…learn more

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