The Top Five Hiding Places for Home Safes

Burglars are getting smarter, so homeowners need to think one step ahead. Purchasing a safe to store your valuables is a good idea, but you should consider where it will be kept to get the full benefits. Most people know to look behind picture frames or in the floor. You may need to be creative to find the best place to put your safe in the home. Here are five places that you may not have considered.

  1. Your basement is a good place to protect the safe from fire damage, but if your home is prone to flood damage, you should reconsider. Make sure that your safe can be bolted down to prevent someone from walking off with it.
  2. The floor safe is often an obvious location, so you should avoid the obvious settings, like the master bedroom. However, a floor safe is very difficult to open and noisy, which makes it more secure.
  3. The bookshelf safe is a good choice if you have a collection of books that it can be hidden behind. Searching through a bunch of books is a tedious job for a thief.
  4. Wall safes are still a viable option, but you need to make it difficult for a thief to locate.
  5. A freestanding safe that is bolted somewhere in your home is always a good choice. Placing it out of site allows more options for placement. Look around to consider places in your own home for installation.

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